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Cummins diesel engine electronically controlled fuel injection system maintenance   

Cummins diesel engine fuel system is electronically adjust the fuel actuator to control the flow of fuel pressure. More accurate speed control.

1. The common faults of inspection
bosch diesel nozzle

Electronically controlled diesel engine is running, fault self-diagnosis system monitoring the fault, the fault storage in the form of code to the computer's memory, at the same time through the alarm and alarm. Therefore, testing should be preferred by the dashboard ECU fault diagnosis switch function, fault code will be displayed in the form of light, you can also use the malfunction diagnosis, fault code on the screen from the ECU memory out in digital form. Once read the fault code, as long as the corresponding sensors, wire connector and wire to check, find and eliminate short circuit, open circuit fault. After being fault code refers to eliminate, if the diesel engine fault phenomenon has not been eliminated, the fault parts of diesel engine may further check.

Electronic control diesel engine failure is not necessarily in the electric control system, and that if you find malfunction with the diesel engine, and the fault warning light does not shine fault code (not shown), in most cases, the fault may has nothing to do with the electronic control system. At this point, you should like the electric control system of diesel engine is not installed, in accordance with the basic fault check diagnostic procedures, such as view have the same ring and cylinder pressure is normal, etc. With visual inspection method shows some of the more fault quickly after find out, check the electric control system again. Check of each sensor and computer connection electric wire is loose or disconnected, wires have torn or line short circuit, open circuit, the sensor to see if there is obvious damage, such as intuitive diagnosis did not find fault, when using the instrument or other special tools for diagnosis, should also be easy to check the part of the first check.
engine plunger

2. The use and maintenance

(1) when the diesel engine starting difficulty, power decline and the operation is not smooth, is not necessarily the fault of electronic control system, are mostly mechanical problems, possible reasons are: oil leak, fuel supply, fuel pump oil suction side resistance is too large, and blockage of the fuel filter, fuel line squish or distortion, there is water in fuel oil, fuel oil return pipe blockage or resistance is too large, such as air intake resistance is too large.

(2) if the air filter is very heavy, easy to install after overhaul does not reach the designated position, will cause the inlet short circuit (without air filter), make the diesel engine early wear and tear, and even lead to diesel engine cylinder, smoke.
head rotor

(3) the use of diesel must conform to the requirements, especially the gum quality should not be too big, because the contained too much gum easy CAPS distribution of the rotor resistance is big, light person the wear and tear coupling piece, the person that weigh CAPS distribution caused by the rotor.

(4) if the working condition of low speed high torque is commonly used, at this time due to the piston to move at a slower pace, the combustion of high pressure gas expansion of the piston work for longer periods of time, in addition, the low speed diesel engine running can keep the inlet valve open a long time, can help

High air coefficient, the rotational speed of diesel engine to reduce to the maximum torque speed (1300 r/min), the diesel engine can be obtained in each work cycle, the largest inflatable coefficient and maximum oil, improve the economy and reduce exhaust emissions of diesel engine.
drive shaft

(5) the CAM shaft and gear pump shaft, gear pump shaft and oil distribution with coupling connection between the rotor and the coupling piece of small size, easy to wear, when its wear and tear caused by smoke of diesel engine, poor acceleration, such as water temperature rise, replaceable coupling piece when necessary, without having to replace the CAPS assembly.

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