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car within a one-time lighter easy to explode (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Summer car how to maintain should pay attention to what
Three, safety
1 car within a one-time lighter easy to explode
Summer high temperature, the open-air parking of vehicles do not place a one-time lighter or even air fresh agents and other flammable and explosive goods. Summer temperatures are high, the car is easy to suffer from direct sun, the temperature inside the car will be very high, in the car a few items may become car crash "dangerous goods, in particular, lighters, disposable gas lighter gas will expand when heated and plastic shell experience due to heat and explodes, once with the car in some oil and flammable substances near and very easy to cause the spontaneous fire accidents. The same drink in the dissolved gas will be volatile at high temperatures, resulting in the bursting of the beverage bottle.
2 standing anti car spontaneous combustion fire extinguisher
To observe the operation of the vehicle, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion and other summer car. In addition to a number of external factors such as lighters may trigger spontaneous combustion, should pay attention to check the engine, the circuit and the circuit, to see if there is no aging and oil spills. Especially after the modification or installation of the vehicle, the circuit burden may be aggravated, once the problem should be resolved in a timely manner. If it is a modified car, especially the lights, sound, etc., should be carried out a full range of inspection. Finally, remember that is equipped with a fire extinguisher to the car, this is a must, but many owners often forget this point.
3 do not roll shade parking
In the summer there are more car owners in order to prevent the sun, looking for a shade of the location of parking. This is a correct way to deal with, but because more shade is on the sidewalk, so some owners will be on the front or half of the body on the sidewalk. So stop greatest harm that, due to the pavement and the pavement height difference, so four tires bearing is not the same, likely to cause damage to the tire and leads to a moving puncture. So the right way to stop is to choose the underground garage or flat.


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