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Summer car how to maintain should pay attention to what (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Summer car how to maintain should pay attention to what
First, the maintenance of articles
1 air conditioning is the best time to wash
Many owners often do not have a problem with the use of the vehicle will not be a big action. Among them, such as air conditioning, the whole year does not clean the carowners are not uncommon. But the summer car air conditioning will be used for a long time, doing a thorough cleaning is very necessary. Except to remove the smell, the air inlet of the air inhalation of large amounts of dust, dirt and breeding of bacteria, are likely to affect people's health.
Need to pay attention to focus on cleaning air conditioning parts including: automobile condenser. This part will affect the air-conditioning cooling effect, condenser is usually installed in the front and a water tank together, when cleaning should pay attention to prevent the radiating blades are leaves blocking affect the cooling effect; air filter plays a role of air inside the filtration car, after using a period of time to turn black, general automotive beauty shop staff will advise owners replaced, but in fact the air filter can be continued to be used after cleaning. Cleaning process to absorb the impurities and dust on the air conditioner filter, and then rinse can be.
2 interior thorough disinfection
Because of the hot summer, many owners do not often open the windows, and in order to air the wind is large, often only choose the inner loop. For a long time, the inside of the air will become turbid, especially in the high temperature and humid weather before the thunderstorm, the bacteria are also easy to breed. The owner can choose at this time since the purchase of some trim cleaner or to the car shop for car interior to conduct a thorough clean-up.
3 volatile fast car antifreeze can not be less
In the summer, the cooling liquid evaporates quickly, it is often to check whether the coolant is short, if it is short, it should be added in time to the same brand antifreeze, which can not be added to other brands of antifreeze or water. Because the antifreeze is the main working medium in the cooling system of the automobile engine, its main function is to make the engine cooling system through the forced circulation, so that the engine to keep the proper working temperature.
It is known as "antifreeze" because the liquid contains some of the chemical components of the freezing point, which can protect the car's engine and water tank does not freeze. In addition to anti freezing effect, using ethylene glycol and other chemical composition of the antifreeze solution is not only low temperature resistance, but also the characteristics of high temperature resistance is particularly good. This antifreeze in close to 200 degrees Celsius in order to be burned open". In the summer of the tank filling on the antifreeze, you're not likely to be plagued by the car tank "boil". In addition, there are rust antifreeze and descaling effect.
4 protect car paint parking in a cool place
Although it does not seem to have life, but really afraid of the sun, long-term exposure will be made of old, wrinkled. Ordinary waxing beauty, although some role, but because of any waxes contain silicon composition, ultraviolet ray will rust the car paint, leaving little black patches. And car wax itself does not enhance the hardness, anti ultraviolet effect, due to the temperature is too high and soon lost, so the car should be parked in the shade.


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