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The final mechanism of Tire Drum package (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

The final mechanism of Tire Drum package
Fracture of the tire cord
Cause the bulge phenomenon reason is various, generally speaking, tire bulge phenomenon occurs mostly due to the use of unexpected strong impact, resulting in tire between the shock and rim flange in the impact serious extrusion deformation.
For the radial tire, the sidewall part is the weakest place, due to the absence of the belt beam layer of protection, in the event of a serious deformation will cause side of the tire cord rupture, then the air inside of the tire will from fracture at the top, forming drum kits. The main factors that cause the phenomenon of tire bulging are not the correct pressure, bad road conditions, unexpected impact and careless driving mode. In addition, often on the curb and parking tire rub obstacles also may cause damage to the tire wall, "bulge".
And if the tire mass emergence of drum kits, to a large extent is due to quality problems caused due to the tire manufacturing process, cord dry enough for hanging plastic, or as a result of colloid itself moisture caused by excessive. According to the relevant provisions of the industry, the normal test period of ordinary tires is 3-5 years from the date of the factory. If in this period of time, not because of the collision and other special reasons, such as drum kits, then the quality of the tire may be a problem.
Tire related knowledge
How to prevent tire drum kits and tires on a regular check
Air pressure is too large or too small to have a negative impact on the tire. Pressure is too large, the tire to harden, tread and the contact area decreases, affect the handling and ride comfort, easy abrasion of a tire; the air pressure is too low, soft tires, vehicle fuel consumption rises, tire when it hits easily between the obstacle and the rim produced shear stress large fracture. So how to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of drum package, to extend the service life of the tire? Here to tell you some tips:
First: please go to the professional tire shop when installing the tire, and use the professional installation equipment and professional installation procedure to operate.
Second: as far as possible to avoid the long time in the bad road conditions, if you can not avoid, please pay attention to the slower the better.
Third: to develop a good tire maintenance habits, often check the tire pressure, toensure that the use of normal tire pressure to drive the tire.
Tire Drum package is the impact of driving?
So, whether the tire from the package will affect the driving it? Is there any danger? Here to remind you, side of the tire "bulge", not only influences the traffic, but also the risk of puncture is driving major accident hazards. Therefore, if there is a "drum kit" situation, firmly can no longer use the "drum kit" tire. Must be immediately to the regular tire store for professional testing and replacement.


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