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Why is the tire drum package (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Why is the tire drum package
First understand the basic structure of the tire
Tire is an important part of the car, it seems very simple tire is very complex. The tire has a variety of classification, the common pneumatic tire has two kinds of bias tire and radial tire, which is according to the carcass ply laminating form different respectively named. We use the radial tire commonly used car for example, to understand its structure:
1 tire tread:
1 thick rubber layers, which provide a contact interface with the ground, also have the performance of drainage and old.
2 crown Band beam:
The double layer or the 3 layer strengthened with the beam layer has the flexibility and high lateral stiffness in the vertical direction, and provides the steering force.
3 fetal side:
The side of the tire contain and protect the carcass ply, and carcass ply is the function of the tire fixed on the rim.
4 bead:
The inner circle of the steel wire can make the tyre firmly fixed on the rim of the wheel rim, so that it can be combined together.
5 gas tight layer:
It ensures that the tire has good air tightness, and maintains the correct tire pressure.
Pneumatic tire
Is mainly composed of rubber parts and ply, don't see appearance tyres are made of rubber, but the rubber in the tire carcass plays only a combination of matrix components, sealing, wear-resisting, anti puncture and the buffer role, truly "output" is hidden inside the rubber cord. The curtain is used as matrix material in the tire, the tire is the main stress components. That is to say, the tyre inflation pressure and vehicle load, prevent inner tube is inflated after the expansion, to protect the inner tyre from mechanical damage, transfer traction force and braking force and the rough work, almost all borne by the cloth. In this regard, the rubber output and not appear in public.
Radial tire
With bias tire ply cord cross fit different, radial tire cord is similar to the radial shape, due to the full by warp to produce strong and weft only connecting the adjacent warp, gently pull will be disconnected, if alone cord warp, weft and rubber strength, in charge to gas or driving, braking, radial tire extremely easily from the warp is disconnected. In order to eliminate the weak link, the material of radial tire cord fabric layer are made of steel wire, and between the tread and carcass ply layer increased composed of a plurality of layers of cord of the belt beam layer "(ply and belt beam layer for steel wire for all steel tire, belt layer is a fiber cord material for semi steel tire), so as to ensure that the tire can withstand all kinds of force.


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