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Method for solving tyre abnormal wear (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Several conditions of tire wear and the reasons for the abnormal wear of tyre
Method for solving tyre abnormal wear
In order to avoid these abnormal wear and tear, we should pay attention to:
1, pay attention to the tire pressure:
Tire pressure is vital, too high and too low will shorten its service life. Pressure is too low, the matrix deformation increased, sidewall cracks easily occur while producing flex movement, leading to excessive heat, caused the rubber aging, fatigue ply, cord broken. Air pressure is too low, but also to increase the tire grounding area to accelerate the tire shoulder wear. Pressure is too high, will cause the tire cord is subjected to excessive stretching deformation, decreased carcass elasticity, making the car driving under load increases, in the case of impact will crack and burst, while high pressure will accelerate the tread wear and make rolling resistance performance decline.
2, regularly check the front wheel positioning
The service life of the tire wheel alignment effect, and especially in the toe and camber is the main factor. Camber mainly will accelerate the wear and tear that the tire shoulder eccentric wear; front wheel toe peccadillo is mainly accelerated in the outer tire wear. Tire wear http://www.qcwxjs.com/zhishi/1048.html
3, pay attention to their driving style
Driver in traffic in addition to the treatment to choose road, avoid sharp stone, glass, metal, etc. may be punctured and tire scuffing objects, avoid chemical spills material of tire adhesion and corrosion. When driving in the arch degree of the larger Road, to be as far as possible in the middle of the road, to reduce the load on the side of the tire to make the tire uneven wear.
4, avoid overloading:
Under normal circumstances, 20% of the overload of the tire is reduced by 30%, and the 50% of the tire life is reduced by 40%;
5, rapid turning, emergency braking, high speed and rapid start, etc., will have a impact on the tire damage, the driver in the car to avoid the.


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