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left and right front tire shoulder wave like wear(Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

How the tyre wear is caused
6, left and right front tire shoulder wave like wear
The rear wheel is normal (sometimes visible after the shoulder abnormal wear, but once the rotation over). Main reason is that the former beam value is wrong, the steering straight rod ball head wear serious, looseness, wheelbase error slightly exceeds the standard, the front wheel has a tendency to shimmy. The radial tire is 0 to 2mm, and the error of the 1mm front beam can result in the loss of 7% of the mileage. Pendulum vibration tendency of vehicle front wheel, front wheel angle and offset value caused by the poor, the front axle main pin thrust bearing for bearing damping or increase the kingpin angle of 1 degree.
7, right front tire shoulder wave like serious wear
The left front wheel wear is slight, and the other wheels are normal. The main reason for the tie rod ball head songkuang.
8, right front wheel lateral fetal shoulder wave like wear serious
Left rear wheel lateral abnormal wear serious. Or left front wheel on the outer side of the tire shoulder wave like serious wear. Abnormal wear on the right side of the right rear wheel. The front and rear axes are parallel, but the center line is not consistent. Performance for the wheelbase error is not large, but the larger the diagonal error. The standard wheelbase (diagonal measurement before and after the bridge spring seat): maximum difference 5mm.
9, tire wear uniform, but the amount of wear
There is no partial abrasion and wave abrasion.
The general reason is that the road condition is poor, the mountain road bends, the tire pattern does not adapt to the special road. The concrete pavement and the non skid asphalt pavement are faster than the ordinary asphalt pavement in the face of tire wear.
The user improper maintenance, tire loading, no timely transposition, timely the tires can increase 20% mileage.
The tire caused serious overload, overload, in bad conditions reduce the tire load rate of ladle.
The lower the temperature, the lower the temperature of the tire, the 4 degree temperature condition is 4 times higher than that of the tire tread life under the condition of 32 degree.
10, tyre wear form of alopecia areata
In some parts of the tire wear is the cause of alopecia areata punish poor tire balance. When the unbalanced wheel rotates at high speed, the individual parts are stressed, the abrasion is accelerated, and the steering is shaking, and the control performance is poor. If found to in running a specific speed direction there was a slight shake, you should balance the wheel, to prevent alopecia areata shaped wear.


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