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Why the car exhaust pipe dripping? (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Why the car exhaust pipe dripping?
Some owners ask why the total drop of the car exhaust pipe? Every stop will be found in the exhaust pipe water drop is particularly much, all the way is, is not the engine exhaust a problem? Is the generator of the automobile exhaust pipe broken?
In fact, automobile exhaust pipe water is very normal phenomenon, indicating that the normal work of the engine, combustion full engine spray effect is good, if the exhaust pipe out of the exhaust gas with the fog that engine condition good (in winter).
Automobile exhaust pipe dripping water
Principle of water drop in automobile exhaust pipe
Automobile exhaust pipe water is because created after complete combustion of gasoline is water and carbon dioxide and water at high temperatures is water vapor, water vapor at high temperatures is colorless and transparent, but when the temperature is below 100 degrees after, water vapor will condense into water, if the condensed water droplets are small and suspended in the air and water vapor appears as white gas, low temperature environment, the exhaust pipe to take the white smoke is water vapor; if the condensed water droplets accumulation, into the water. Car repair technology network http://www.qcwxjs.com/ original
Three kinds of automobile exhaust pipe dripping
The first is the steam spray out on the volatile
Water vapor in the exhaust pipe is condensed into water droplets will spray water. May sometimes see the exhaust pipe exhaust white smoke; this is generally winter or rainy season in the parked car at the initial launch, but if once the engine temperature, white smoke will disappear, this need not worry about the need to overhaul.
The second is the exhaust pipe will smoke even drop "blackwater"
This phenomenon is the engine to eat the oil to be careful mind out of check the oil before the stock, if the engine temperature is increased, the exhaust pipe variable for the row of black smoke, it indicates that the cylinder pressure is too low or the individual cylinder does not work, should be inspected and excluded and need to repair station maintenance
Automobile exhaust pipe dripping water
Third state of the engine running when the exhaust pipe to discharge a large amount of water vapor white smoke
Should check whether there is water inside the tank, check the cylinder gasket is damaged, whether there are cracks in the cylinder, the cylinder seal ring is good, etc.
Automobile exhaust pipe water that engine work well, and shot out of the tail gas with mist that engine was in good shape, but if a lot of water deposition in the exhaust pipe will speed up the exhaust pipe corrosion so to promptly clean up the water exhaust pipe.
Method for removing water drop of exhaust pipe:
Over a period of time is in a ramp, the front, rear downward, the bombardment of the accelerator, let the exhaust pipe inside the water discharged in time come out, if the automobile exhaust pipe water serious is best to 4S shop or car repair shop comprehensive check.


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