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Automobile exhaust pipe smoke white smoke how to do?(Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Automobile exhaust pipe smoke white smoke how to do?
If you usually see the car exhaust pipe smoke
Then saw automobile exhaust pipe to take white smoke was carefully observed to take white smoke in the car, found that white smoke is actually a lot of white steam coming out, and will be accompanied by engine operation is not smooth phenomenon and, even after warming up the engine to normal operating temperature, continue to have a lot of steam and smoke.
The reasons that lead to the above phenomenon, it is very likely that the cylinder liner of the engine cylinder wear, resulting in a certain gap, resulting in a large number of water cooling system into the combustion chamber through the gap. Can not burn the water will be heated to generate water vapor, directly discharged from the exhaust pipe.
In addition, there are some car take white smoke is because met the legendary "black stations, the gas product is unscrupulous businessmen, mixed with water, but the general will in a gas after suddenly began to take white smoke, relatively easy to find the cause.
If you have a white smoke car has emerged phenomenon, it is possible to check the launch as soon as possible
Machine cylinder, cylinder gasket is damaged, check whether there is water inside the tank. If you have just bought a new car, be sure to check the specifications of the car carefully, in strict accordance with the provisions of manufacturers to add labels to correct the gasoline
In the morning, when the exhaust pipe is just a car, there will be white smoke with liquid
So, this liquid not but the heart, this is the water, the engine combustion is good. Normal. If found in the driving process is down and the exhaust pipe white gas and water discharge, water shortage has flashing phenomenon, this is the Water Leakage nine out of ten cylinder mattress, to change the cylinder mattress another is when driving. And car, power down, a liquid discharged from the exhaust pipe, and oil such faults occur may be part of a fuel injector cylinder or electronic computer. The computer is very small theprobability, possibility of the injector is relatively large. If the liquid from an exhaust pipe is black, and very sticky, accompanied by smoke, oil consumption is very fast. The engine power is clearly insufficient. This case illustrates the engine piston, cylinder liner, piston ring gap is too large, is not working properly
If the winter car exhaust pipe to take the white smoke is normal
That car exhaust effect is very good because the winter outdoor temperature is relatively low and the exhaust pipe internal temperature is relatively high due to the temperature difference caused by the solidification of the gas to produce water droplets so from the exhaust pipe coming out is white gas is gas coming out that your car's engine with exhaust effect is very good if emerge is blue gas that your car's engine burning oil to engine overhaul or three guarantees


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