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View car tire specification skills (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

View car tire specification skills
Such as:
A tire specifications for 91V 205/55/R16
205 - refers to the tire width of 205 mm.
55 - refers to the flat tire ratio, that is, the height of the section is 55%.
R: refers to the tire radial tire (the tire inner radiation tire manufacturing mode)
16 - refers to the diameter of the rim is 16 inches.
91 - refers to the load index 91, which represents the maximum weight of 615 kg of the tire, the four tires is 615 x 4=2460 kg.
V - refers to the speed level of 240 km / h.
1 tire load index: 475 - 83, 487 - 84, 500 - 85, 515 - 86, - 87, 530 - 82, 545 - 88, 560 - 89, 580 -, 90-600, 91-615, 92-630, 93-650, 94-670 too much, not one one, the biggest 108-1000
2 speed tire safety mark table ___ (code VS. safe speed limit)
F 80 km / h G 90 km / h J 100 km / h
K 110 km / h L 120 km / h M 130 km / h
N 140 km / h P 150 km / h Q 160 km / h
R 170 km / h S 180 km / h T 190 km / h
U 200 km / h H 210 km / h V 240 km / h
ZR 240 km / h
Tire specification hierarchy
Level refers to the nominal layer of the tire rubber layer in a cord that is not completely consistent with the actual ply, is an important indicator of the tire strength. Level with Chinese signs, such as the 12 level; with English signs, such as "14P.R", that is, the 14 level.
Rim specification
Standard Specification for rim specification for tyres. Easy for practical use, such as "standard rim 5.00F". Speed rating
The maximum speed of the tire under the prescribed conditions. Letter A to Z on behalf of the tire from 4.8km / 300km to h / h certification speed level. Commonly used speedrating:
Q:160km / R:170km; H / S:180km; H / T:190km; H / H:210km; H / V:240km; H / W:270km; H / Y:300km; H / h; Z:ZR speed is higher than 240km / h.
Practical application of tire
The tire metaphor people wear shoes, this may not be a bad idea, but did not listen to said sole burst could be fatal story, and the tyre burst cause fatal news is be heard. From this point of view, the importance of the tire to the vehicle far more than the importance of shoes. Therefore, the correct use of the tire and not only on the car running state has an impact on the safety of the car is more important.


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