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What do you think of tyre specifications? (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

What do you think of tyre specifications?
Tire specifications, tire geometric parameters and physical properties of the signs of the data. Different specifications of the tire for the performance and comfort of the vehicle will have an impact
Example of tire specifications
Above the tire specifications for 195 / 65r15 91v, including 195 said the width of the tire was 195mm; 65 said tire section height and width of the percentage of 65%, namely flat tire ratio; "R" represents the word radial said meridian tire; 15 said rim are 15 inches in diameter. The 91 express the load index; V said tire Xu speed grade
Tyre specification
International standard tire specifications, generally composed of six parts, "tire width (mm) + tire section flat ratio (%) + tire type code + rim diameter (Ying Cun) + load index + allowable speed code".
Tire width, rim diameter, and flat, as shown above, in which the flat ratio is the percentage of the thickness and the width of the tread.
Tire width is one of the factors that affect the performance of vehicle fuel consumption.
When the tire is wider, and the greater its ground contact area, the correspondingincreases the tire and the ground friction, the vehicle kinetic energy for the friction heat and the loss of energy will increase, if traveling the same distance wide tires more easily fuel consumption. But everything has its two sides, although the fuel consumption increases, but the wide tire grip to be stronger, and then will also get a better body stability.
Flat ratio
The flat ratio is the main factor that affects the sensitivity of the vehicle to the road surface. Flat than the lower vehicle, thinner sidewall, and tire under pressure also increases, response of pavement is very sensitive to quickly put the pavement of the message to the driver, more convenient operation and control, and is more common in some grows perceptibly by the control performance of models. Flat ratio is high, sidewall thicker, although have abundant buffer thickness, but the feeling on the road is poor, especially when turning will be relatively more procrastination, more common in some to comfort Kyo models. There is a flat car than the average high, mainly in order to adapt tothe harsh environment of the road.
Tyre type code
Tire type code, common says "X" high pressure tyre, "R", "Z" radial tire, "a" low pressure tire. Radial tire is normally used in cars on the market, and has realized the radial tire tubeless, commonly known as "atomic child". This kind of tyre in high speed is not easy to heat accumulation, when the tire by nails or sharp objects worn out and slow air leakage, can continue to travel a long distance. In addition, the atomic tire also simplifies the production process, reduce the weight, saving raw materials and other benefits.
Load index
Load index is a tire can withstand the maximum load in the form of code, to characterize the ability to bear the load of the tire, the greater the value, the greater the load can be borne by the tires. The load index and the corresponding load bearing quality list are as follows.
Xu speed said on the vehicle speed limit, more than likely cause a tire blowout, speed, the higher the level, tire design and requirements of materials is higher.


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