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Role of anti freezing fluid for automobile (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Role of anti freezing fluid for automobile
Anti freezing action
Automobile antifreeze mainly has four major functions
Antifreeze, just as its name implies antifreeze function. But the freezing point of all kinds of antifreeze is not the same, which is based on different regions, different environment temperature to determine the.
The freezing point of today's antifreeze is generally between -15 and -68.
Corrosion protection
Because the engine cooling system contains 5 kinds of metal, that is, cast iron, aluminum alloy, steel, copper and water tank welding with solder. General car for aluminum cylinder, the cylinder of large trucks for iron, copper and brass is mainly composed of a water tank. Antifreeze solution is in contact with the metal at all times, so it is necessary to have a corrosion protection function, and the poor anti icing fluid is extremely serious corrosion of the metal. Some cistern in the use of antifreeze, the weld cracking and leaking, because of Antifreeze on solder severe corrosion caused by the. The quality of antifreeze, and water can better protect the water tank, to extend the service life of the engine. Car maintenance
Anti scaling
Many drivers in the summer will drain the antifreeze and add water and tap water has many minerals, after heating evaporation, these minerals formed scale deposition on the surface of the metal. Due to the formation of scale, the result generated by the engine heat cannot be in to antifreeze and raise the temperature of the cylinder, of cylinder liner and piston clearance is improper, cause wear of the cylinder and the gas ring scuffing, serious will the piston stuck, has fatal harm to the engine. If production of scale in the water tank, it will affect the radiating effect of the radiator, resulting in elevated temperature and "boil", while the quality of antifreeze is made with distilled water, and add a scale prevention additives, so that it does not produce any scale.
Increase boiling point
Antifreeze quality should have a waterproof box "good pot" function, which requires it to have a high boiling point. Now the boiling point of antifreeze is generally greater than 105 DEG C, if the use of high-quality antifreeze, will not produce "boil" phenomenon.


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