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Types of commonly used antifreeze fluids (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Types of antifreeze
Ethylene glycol water antifreeze
Ethylene glycol is a colorless slightly viscous liquid, the boiling point is 197.4 degrees Celsius, the freezing point is -11.5 C, can be mixed with water at any ratio.
After mixing, the vapor pressure of the cooling water is changed, and the freezing point is significantly reduced.
The degree of decrease in the degree of the increase with the increase of the content of ethylene glycol in a certain range.
When the content of ethylene glycol 68%, the freezing point can be reduced to -68 degrees Celsius, more than this limit, the freezing point but to rise.
Ethylene glycol antifreeze in the use of easy to produce acidic substances, corrosive effect on metals. Therefore, it should be added to the appropriate amount of two sodium hydrogen phosphate and so on to prevent corrosion.
Ethylene glycol is toxic, but because of its high boiling point, it will not produce steam being sucked into the body and cause poisoning.
The water absorption of ethylene glycol is strong, the storage container should be sealed to prevent overflow after water absorption.
Because the boiling point of water is lower than ethylene glycol, the use of water is evaporated, when the lack of coolant, as long as the water into the water on the line. The anti freezing liquid can be recovered after being mixed with petroleum products, and the concentration is adjusted by precipitation, filtration, adding water, adding preservative, and can be used for 5 to 3 years.
Alcohol water antifreeze
The boiling point of alcohol is 78.3 degrees Celsius, the freezing point is -114.
Wine and water can be mixed in any proportion, the composition of different freezing point of antifreeze. The more alcohol content, the lower the freezing point.
Alcohol is flammable, when the alcohol content of anti freeze liquid reached more than 40%, it is easy to produce alcohol vapor and fire.
Therefore, the content of alcohol in antifreeze should not exceed 40%, the freezing point is limited to about -30.
The alcohol water antifreeze liquid has the advantages of good fluidity, fast heat radiation, convenient materials, simple preparation and the like. The disadvantage of it is that it is easy to catch fire, the boiling point of alcohol is low, and the evaporation loss is big. After the evaporation of alcohol, the antifreeze composition changes, the freezing point is increased.
In the mountains, the plateau region of the car is not suitable for the use of alcohol - water antifreeze, because the evaporation loss of alcohol. General traffic should be regularly detected in the alcohol content, in a timely manner to supplement. Car maintenance
Glycerin water antifreeze
Glycerol water antifreeze, not volatile and fire, the metal corrosion is small, but the efficiency of glycerol to reduce the freezing point of low efficiency, the preparation of the same freezing point of antifreeze, more than ethylene glycol, the amount of alcohol.
Therefore, this kind of antifreeze is used less.


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