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paid attention to in the use of automobile antifreeze (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

What problems should be paid attention to in the use of automobile antifreeze
Antifreeze is added to the water with a lower freezing point to lower the freezing point of the coolant and prevent the system from freezing.
Should pay attention to the following problems in the use of antifreeze:
1 different types of antifreeze can not be mixed with the use, so as to avoid the chemical reaction, precipitation or formation of bubbles, reduce the use of effects;
2 in the replacement of antifreeze, the cooling system should be cleaned with water, and then add a new antifreeze and water;
3 the remaining antifreeze should be used to indicate the name on the container to avoid confusion.
4. Various types of antifreeze due to different proportions of ingredients and preparation, the freezing point is not the same, at this time should be based on the selection of the local temperature conditions.
5 in general the freezing point of the antifreeze solution should be lower than the local minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius, so as not to prevent the failure of antifreeze.
6 the same type of antifreeze should be added when the liquid level is decreased due to the leakage of cooling system;
7 if the liquid level decreases caused by evaporation, should be added to distilled water or soft water cooling system;
8 when it is found that there are suspended solids in the coolant, sediment or deterioration of odor, should be replaced, and the cooling system.
9. Ethanol antifreeze is easy to volatilize, use should pay attention to the fire, when the engine temperature is too high, don't open the tank cover, also don't let the engine flameout immediately, so as to avoid due to the rapid warming of antifreeze and spurt, resulting in personal injury or fire;
10 due to the reduction of ethanol volatile liquid level, 80% of the ethanol can be added to supplement.
11. Ethylene glycol is an organic solvent, attention should be paid to the use may not be the spill to the surface paint or rubber product, should pay attention to avoid contact with skin, if not carefully spilled on, should immediately rinse with water so as to avoid the corrosion of parts or skin damage.
12 in the storage of ethylene glycol antifreeze, to keep dry, in order to prevent moisture. Should pay attention to prevent the contamination of oil products, or it will produce a large number of bubbles in the engine work.
13 in the preparation, should use distilled water, do not use water preparation, in order to avoid precipitation.
14. Should keep all the year round use of antifreeze, otherwise easy to cause the damage to the engine cooling system parts, metal parts produce oxidation and corrosion. Can be so severe that the engine due to overheating "boil" phenomenon, even some of the cylinder head cracks, so that the service life of the automobile decreased significantly.
15 the general high quality antifreeze is changed every year, especially for those long time running vehicles, such as taxi, etc.. And those vehicles can be replaced once in two years.


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