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How to choose a good car antifreeze (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

How to choose a good car antifreeze
What kind of car antifreeze is a good antifreeze, in fact, a good performance of antifreeze should have the following performance:
The freezing point or low pour point
When the car is parked in the cold area in winter, the night ground temperature will drop to -40 below C. To ensure that the water tank and cooling system pipe was cracking and antifreeze should be at this temperature does not freeze or solidification, so as to avoid the occurrence of volume expansion, but also to ensure the car can be started at any time, and put into use.
The specific heat is higher and the heat conductivity is good.
Antifreeze is mainly used to cool the engine parts, in order to avoid overheating, so it is higher than the specific heat. The specific heat of water is C 4.18kj/kg, and the specific heat of ethylene glycol is 2.72J / kg. In the same cycle, the amount of heat carried away by water from the engine is much more than that of ethylene glycol, and water is the ideal coolant.
Corrosion and corrosion of metal
The engine cooling water system of cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, steel and tin etc.. Antifreeze solution to these metals do not produce corrosion and corrosion.
To maintain a certain pH value in use
PH value not only can ensure that the degree of corrosion of the metal to the antifreeze solution to minimize, but also to prevent the deterioration of anti freezing liquid.
In addition, antifreeze should have excellent performance of the foam, air release performance, the circulation of aluminum pump does not occur cavitation, as well as low price, no special smell, etc..


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