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Burning oil is what reason? (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Burning oil is what reason?
"Burn oil" means that the engine oil enters the combustion chamber of the engine and is involved in the combustion of the mixture. There are a lot of reasons for burning oil. Let's judge it together.
Generally burning oil is due to the existence of oil leakage, cylinder wall and piston rings over wear and damage, or damage to the valve oil seal or hard aging three reasons. Cause analysis of burning oil!
Cause of burning oil
Oil quality is poor or the viscosity level does not match the requirements. Oil quality and grade of low, leading to increased wear and tear. In addition, the oil viscosity is too low or too high will cause poor lubrication of the engine, the piston ring and the cylinder wall wear increased, the sealing performance degradation, to burn oil.
1) the fit clearance between the piston ring and the cylinder wall is too large
Piston ring installation is improper or sealing of variation, oil control rings scrape oil is weakened, piston ring counterparts,, stretch down, side clearance is too large, oil ring stuck. Make the oil into the combustion chamber.
Burning oil caused by excessive oil filling amount of 2
Because the oil pressure is too high, the engine in the lubrication process through the splash lubrication part will be too much into the combustion chamber.
3) turbocharger oil leakage
Turbocharger oil seal damage, or return pipe plug. Pipeline or bearing oil spills are likely to make engine oil from the turbocharger seep into the exhaust pipe, when the exhaust temperature is high, oil is baked into the blue Ngan discharge.
4) the wear between the pipe and the valve stem
Clearance is too large, in the exercise, the oil droplets in the valve cover will be entered into the combustion chamber along the gap, such as the occurrence of this failure or expand the valve diameter of the pipe, the valve should be matched with the valve rod into the valve.
5) the failure of the valve block
Can't prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber through the valve.
6) the crankcase ventilation valve can not be moved.
PVC valve (crankcase ventilation valve) damaged a large amount of oil vapor into the intake system and combustion. To lose control of ventilation, the engine oil vapor in the crankcase is passed through the crankcase vent pipe into the intake manifold.
7) air pressure pump excessive oil and air filter filter filter plugging, the air pump intake negative pressure, oil inverted and turbocharger seal ring failure will make the oil into the combustion chamber.
7) valve oil seal aging or damage
Valve guide pipe and valve with a large gap, the valve guide pipe is loose or the fuel chamber has cracks, resulting in oil into the cylinder combustion engine oil.
Individual vehicles with air compressor, air compressor piston, piston ring and cylinder liner wear off very, oil fleeing into the accumulator


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