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Common maintenance of relay (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

Common maintenance of relay

the maintenance of relay actuator

Most of the relay's actuator is a contact system. Through its "through" and "broken", to complete a certain control function.

Contact fault system general contact overheating, wear, welding etc.. The main cause of the overheating of the contacts is the capacity is not enough, the contact pressure is not enough, surface oxidation or not clean, etc., caused by wear and tear, the main reason is that the contact capacity is too small, the arc temperature.

The high metal oxide contact; contact welding is mainly caused by the arc temperature is too high, or severe beating contacts.

The maintenance sequence of the contact is as follows: (1) open the outer cover and check the surface of the contact.

(2) if the contact surface oxidation, the silver contact can not repair, the copper contacts available barrette file file or with a knife gently scraping to the oxidation of the surface layer.

(3) if the contact surface is not clean, it can be cleaned with gasoline or carbon tetrachloride.

(4) if contact surface burns singeing traces, the silver contacts can do not have to repair, the copper contacts available barrette file or a knife renovation. Do not allow the use of abrasive cloth or paper to repair, to avoid residual sand,causing poor contact.

(5) if the contact welding, the contact should be replaced. If the contact capacity is too small, it should be replaced by a large capacity of the relay.

(6) if the contact pressure is not enough, the spring or replace spring should be adjusted to increase pressure. If the pressure is still not enough, then the contact should be replaced. 3 overhaul of intermediate institutions

(1) the air type time relay, the middle mechanism is mainly air bag. Its common fault is not allowed to delay. This may be due to the air bag seal is not strict or leakage, make the action delay is reduced, even without delay; also may be air bag air channel blockage, make the action delay becomes long. Repair, the former should be re assembly or replacement of the new air bag, for the latter should open the gas room, remove the blockage. (2) the speed relay, the bakelite pendulum belongs to the middle organization. Such as reverse braking when the motor brake cannot stop, may be the bakelite swing rod fracture.

Maintenance should be replaced.


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