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Classification of relays (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

Relay according to function principle
1 electromagnetic relay
A relay that generates a predetermined response from the relative motion of the mechanical component under the action of the current in the input circuit.
It includes DC electromagnetic relay, AC electromagnetic relay, magnetic relay, polarized relay, reed relay, energy saving power relay.
(1) the DC electromagnetic relay: the control current in the input circuit is the DC electromagnetic relay.
(2) AC electromagnetic relay: the control current in the input circuit for the AC electromagnetic relay.
(3) magnetic latching relay: introducing magnetic to magnetic circuit and relay coil power, the relay armature can still keep the coil energized state, with two stable states.
(4) the polarized relay: a DC relay that changes the state of the input excitation.
(5) reed relays: the seal in the tube, with contact spring and the armature magnetic circuit of double reed action to open and close or convert line relay.
(6) energy saving power relay: the input circuit of the control current for the AC electromagnetic relay, but its current large (general 30-100A), small size, power saving function.
2 solid state relay
The input and output function is a relay that is completed by an electronic component and is not a mechanical moving part.
3 time relay
When the input signal is added or removed, the output part needs to be delayed or limited to the specified time to close or disconnect the relay of the controlled circuit.
4 temperature relay
A relay that moves to the specified value when the outside temperature is reached.
5 wind speed relay
When the wind speed reaches a certain value, the controlled circuit will be switched on or off.
6 acceleration relay
When the acceleration of the moving object reaches a predetermined value, the control circuit is switched on or off.
7 other types of relays
Such as optical relay, acoustic relay, thermal relay, etc..
According to the size of the outline
Relay with the longest side of the micro relay with no more than 10mm
Ultra small relay with the longest side size greater than 10mm, but not more than 25mm of the relay
The maximum size of a small relay is larger than 25mm, but not more than 50mm.
Contact load
Relay with less than 0.2A of micro power relay.
Relay 0.2 ~ 2A of weak power relay.
Relay 2 ~ 10A of medium power relay.
High power relay 10A relay.
Relay for energy saving power relay 20A-100A
Relay protection feature points
The sealed relay adopts welding or other method, the contact and the coil are sealed in the metal cover, and the leakage rate of the relay is low.
By using the method of sealing glue plastic relay contacts and coils etc., will be sealed in a plastic cover, the higher rate of leakage relay
Protective relay, which is sealed by a cover for a relay of a dust cover to protect the contact and the coil.
An open relay does not use a protective shield to protect the contacts and coils.
Relay by use
Communication relay (including high frequency relay) this kind of relay contact load range from low level to medium current, environmental conditions of use is not high.
Relay used in machine tool relay, contact load power, long life.
Relay used in household appliances for household appliances, which requires good safety performance.
The relay is used in the automobile relay automobile, the switching load power of the relay is big, the impulse and the vibration resistance are high.
SF6 gas density relay, used to monitor the SF6 circuit breaker in the SF6 gas density, play the role of control and protection of SF6 circuit breaker


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