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Technical status of engine  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

Technical status of engine:
A: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism.
It is the main mechanism to ensure the normal operation of the engine. Its technicalcondition directly affects the performance of the engine.
(1) the wear of the cylinder is multifaceted.
When the wear to a certain degree, the dynamic decline. Increased fuel consumption. When the cylinder wear is not obvious, can repair, replace the piston rings, but the ring replacement shall not exceed two times. Otherwise the new ring can not adapt to the deformation of the cylinder.
(2) the good or bad of the piston and connecting rod.
The working wear of the cylinder and the use of life has a direct impact on the piston in the work, the first ring groove wear. Rings are also badly worn. The connecting rod in the work, mainly by the gas pressure and the inertia of the reciprocating force, must have the strength.
(3) the crankshaft must be subject to constant change and gas pressure at work. Inertial force of reciprocating motion. Centrifugal force of rotational motion. So will fatigue damage. In the use of the crankshaft, the lower half of the main spindle diameter and the upper half of the connecting rod axis are damaged.
B: air distribution mechanism.
By valve group and valve drive group.
(1) in the process of engine operation.
When the valve is in the gap between the valve and the valve is increased, the valve is impacted by the high pressure gas, and the gap is obviously increased. Valve in addition to bear the impact, there is a very high temperature. Especially the exhaust valve, wear are: valve stem, valve working face, valve stem end face, valve seat wear is also due to the above reasons.
(2) the sealing condition of the valve has a direct impact on the power and economy of the engine.
The camshaft is the main part of the valve drive unit.


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