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The reason of tire burst (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

The reason of tire burst
Tire blowout is a very dangerous thing, but not common. When people talk about a flat tire, will be when it comes to the high temperature and high pressure is the explosion of the main reasons, in fact there is no simple, in front of my friends and I talked about puncture hazard today the real reasons for the friends of a puncture, only to understand the real reason for the tire, you can truly prevent and avoid the occurrence blowout accident.
First, the use of safety standards for tires
Safety standard for use of tyres:
Air pressure standard (cold car condition), approved load weight, maximum speed, wear standard, service life. That is to say a qualified tire in the service life, wear standard, in the standard pressure and approved under the weight, the maximum speed of continuous safe driving. And producers of tire design in order to ensure the tire safety standards in the safe use of, will tire running process encountered various unfavorable factors into consideration, such as hot weather and high speed friction lead to tire pressure increase, reduce the surface normal changes (grounding area, terrain lead to tire deformation) effect on the endurance of the tire and so on. Therefore, the production of various factors in the production of various factors in the production of a large increase in the various indicators of the tires to ensure the safety of the use of the standard tire.
By two, the standard car tire
Vehicles in the selection of tyre, according to its nominal weight and the maximum speed limit standards to match, and optional tire safety standards are greater than vehicle is rated using a standard, as I open the Buick GL8 rated weight for 2529 kg, with standard tyre 98S, 98 also will is load weight of 750 kg (four tires bearing capacity is 3000 kg), s maximum speed of 180 km, China highway maximum speed limit of 120 kilometers.
Three, the actual use of the tire and tire
Car in the actual use of the process, there is no more than the three major tire safety indicators: tire pressure, maximum speed, rated load. But the car is in no more than tire safety using standard state, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter have burst accident?.
Are very common in China Truck overloading, in serious overloading state in order to get the tyres to maintain the status quo (not flattened), to the tire with gas pressure, more than tire standard pressure is more than 30%. In serious overloading, this high pressure, even in the hot summer, the accident is not common truck tire.
A truck tires, a two thousand yuan, if often burst, people are not overloaded. Of course the tires under overload and overpressure condition using burst probability is much higher than the state standards, the service life of the tire will greatly shorten, so please truck drivers do not overload, super pressure of the tire. So what is the reason for the tire?
The real reason four, tire
My analysis of the team for many years blowout accident reasons, the conclusion is:
Tire pressure (high standard or super standard pressure) is a necessary condition, but not the cause.
The main reason is: the tire tire endurance and endurance decreased mutation.
The internal air pressure of the tyre is only the force of the normal shape of the tyre, and the force of the tire to bear the least. And vehicle in the stationary state, tire under just weight, with the vehicle running, speed increases, also increases the tire and the ground friction force, speed faster, friction force is bigger also, the affordability of the tire is bigger also. When the vehicle tyre is met uneven pavement, pressure touch stones and the affordability of the tire although did not change, because of the contact surface is reduced (area reduced several times or tens of times), pressure will be doubled (pressure increases several times to ten times), it will be more than the affordability of the tire design and burst. When there is a problem with the quality of tire, deformation drum package, Nick breach, ageing and rolling over the tire, then the tire endurance will be greatly decreased. Will more likely tire.


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