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New technology of modern car diesel engine electronic control system      2015-12-27

    Time control of diesel technology of diesel engine electronically controlled fuel injection system is a new generation of efi system USES time control, with high-speed solenoid valve to replace the traditional mechanical spray valve, the high pressure fuel to achieve digital control. Now this to high pressure injection system gradually move, can make the diesel high pressure jet atomization is very fine, the combustion process of engine quite perfect, and speed, combustion temperature without obvious progress. Improved a di diesel engine pressure, not only can reduce overall HC, CO, NOx and smoke particles and carbon emissions, but also can significantly reduce fuel consumption.
denso diesel pumpCommon rail type efi system In vehicle diesel engine, the high-speed operation of the diesel injection process time only a few seconds per thousand in all parts of the high pressure oil pipe in the process of injection pressure is changing with time and location. Due to the compressibility of diesel oil and diesel oil in the high pressure oil pipe pressure fluctuation, the actual state of injection with those stipulated in the fuel injection pump plunger oil supply has bigger difference. Within the tubing pressure fluctuations sometimes after the main injection, the high pressure the pressure inside the tubing to rise again, to make the fuel injector needle valve opening pressure, will have been closed needle valve open again produce secondary injection phenomenon, due to the secondary injection may not complete combustion, and increased the smoke and hydrocarbons (HC) emissions, fuel consumption increase. In addition, the residual pressure in the high-pressure oil pipeline after each injection cycle will change, then cause unstable injection, especially in the low speed region is easy to produce the above phenomenon, serious when uneven injection not only, and intermittent jet not phenomenon happens. To solve the problem of defect of diesel engine the fuel pressure changes, modern diesel engine USES a technology called "common rail".
common rail nozzleIt is a high pressure injection system of diesel engine, the highest pressure can reach 200 ~ 220 mpa. The system is no longer using the pulsation of the general principle, but on the principle of pressure time measurement. "Common rail injection" is through high-pressure common oil and each cylinder injection solenoid valve control combination of fuel injection control. This kind of fuel injection system can ensure the injection pressure does not change with the engine revolutions, can reduce the emissions of particulate matter, electronically controlled common rail injection is known as pressure injection or the third generation of injection time, it can be divided into two types: medium pressure common rail and high pressure common rail. ECU produce electrical impulses trigger injector solenoid valve in sequence, to determine the engine starting and closing time for each of the fuel injection, electronic control common rail injection also can use multiple injection way of flexible control of fuel injection rate. The United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries have been mass production of common rail type efi system, it will represent the mainstream of the diesel engine fuel injection system in the future. German mercedes-benz C200 car, the use of common rail type electronic control injection system, the power, torque and discharge, etc. All the indexes in the world leading level. Microcomputer control diesel engine high-pressure common rail injection system.
injector Turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine using exhaust gas turbo technology, fuel can complete combustion, can reduce the natural amount of CO and HC. But because of the air intake temperature, make the NOx emissions increased, if the pressurization with intermediate cooler can also reduce HC, CO, NOx emissions. The turbocharged inter-cooled technology can also be progress of diesel engine power, a diesel engine power output with the turbocharger than did not install the supercharger can increase 20% ~ 30%, while the turbocharged inter-cooled technology even can increase 50% of power. The use of new type of turbocharger, means that the small displacement of the engine may be substituted for large displacement engine, reduce the engine and vehicle quality, progress, economy and emissions.

Using multiple valve technology Valve can increase the air inflow of diesel engine, more make diesel fuel burn more thoroughly, exhaust faster and more thoroughly, thus advances the output power of diesel engine. delivery valve

Exhaust gas recirculation technology It is under the condition of guarantee the performance of engine power does not reduce, according to the temperature of the motor and load size, moderation, introduced the part of the exhaust gas inlet pipe, and sent into the cylinder, the combustion reaction speed slow down, reduce the highest temperature of the combustion, thereby reducing NOx emissions. Especially cold EGR technology, not only reduce the emission of NOx, and still can maintain its low emission of pollution emission level.

New type of diesel engine sewage disposal system Diesel engine electronic control technology in foreign utility ratio has reached 60% ~ 90%. Market in the 1980 s, Germany Bosch, the United States gm's Detroit diesel engine company, Japan Zexel, companies have their own products on the market. At present to companies racing to develop new products to meet the emission regulations and market requirements. The technology development of power electronic control diesel engine technology from improve the efficiency of diesel engine, the biggest boost from the increasingly stringent emission regulations in the world. Peugeot newly developed a new type of sewage disposal system of diesel engine, in recent years the veils that its flagship car when the car is equipped with several kinds of engine, with an HDI of 2.2 L diesel engines will be equipped with unique charcoal smoke filtration system. Peugeot and Citroen company, said the new development of this technology on HDI engine system can effectively overcome the particulate emissions this difficulty. The system can make the HDI engine exhaust gas reduced by 20%, 40% less carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon fell 50%, while particles can reduce 60%. Be called since the diesel engine was one of the biggest innovations. The particle filtering system has passed the law environment part approval in both countries, making the technology caused the European people's attention. For a long time, the filter is thought to be one of the ways to solve the diesel engine exhaust gas. New filter can make the HDI engine management system of computer and the status of the sensor to detect particles accumulate, and timely and burn particles trigger automatically switch. The filtering device over the next five years, if recognised by the market, it will be extended to all the Peugeot, Citroen diesel-powered cars and light commercial vehicles. Particulate filter does not have any effect on car original performance. HDI engine fuel consumption may rise 5% at work, but compared with the same kind of engine performance is improved 15%. That means owners or overall sense. The current diesel sales growth of about 1% a year in Europe, if with technical progress, diesel is more and more accepted by consumers, it will increase in sales of 2% ~ 2%, and particle filtering system can accelerate the process. According to statistics, diesel vehicles currently accounts for about 25% of the European passenger car number. PSA particle filter system will be the first in a new Peugeot car, to update the Peugeot 605 series has weak sales. Equipped with the filtering system model for DWl2TED4 2.2 L engine, the output power of 110.4 kW, torque of 315 n · m, than the current use of 2.5 L diesel engine performance is good.

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