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Windshield fog solution (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

Windshield fog solution
Why can the windshield fog
Windshield fog reason actually very simple, is due to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the vehicle, acting on the windshield, driving indoortemperature is higher than the outdoor, resulting in formation of mist on the water vapor condensation in the cab, the windshield.
This phenomenon is more common in winter, the fog on the windshield of the trust that all the drivers have encountered a lot of people used to be accustomed to or turn a blind eye to deal with a serious impact on driving, and even lead to a car accident.
The following car repair technology network describes some of the windshield from the fog solution, hoping to help you can quickly remove the fog or from the fundamental to avoid the phenomenon of glass from the fog
The most simple way to solve the windshield from the fog: open the windows, so that the car inside and outside the air cycle
The fog is caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside, the elimination of the temperature difference can be resolved?
The answer is yes. Window ventilation, so that the internal and external space convection can ease the phenomenon of the glass from the fog.
The advantage of this method is that without the aid of any tool in the case, to ease the fog phenomenon, but this method can not be used in all cases, such as when it is not raining.
If little fog, we can be on both sides of the window open a slot (it's raining when unable to do so), so that the car in the air convection, the temperature inside the car slowly approaching the temperature outside the vehicle, fog will be dispersed. Advantage is that it can achieve the effect of air conditioning and does not increase fuel consumption, but this approach is not all situations can be used, such as winter and rain when it is not.
The most practical way to solve the fog from the windshield - with the car's own air-conditioning system
Winter and rainy days is the window of fog of the peak period, I believe that many owners will auto air conditioning mist, but with cold air or warm air in addition to the topic of fog effect better debate seems to have never stopped. In fact, the problem is both sides of the problem, because of different circumstances.
The usual practice is to open the car fan and refrigeration switch, so that the air is blown into the glass will soon be a powder and do, the effect is very quick and direct. This is because the air conditioning blows to the glass, on the surface of the glass formation "cold film, prevent the carbon dioxide condensation on the glass, the demisting effect. This method has one of the biggest drawbacks, that is, people in the car may feel very cold, just think of the rainy and foggy weather, the taste of the car blowing cold air is really not good! Blow a few minutes may turn off the air conditioner, and soon the fog began to hang on the glass, and the air conditioner...... So repeatedly in the operation is not convenient and the temperature inside the car will be very inappropriate, and bow operation of security caused a certain risks. Of course, if your body is very strong, or just finish the intense exercise, this method can also be used to join.


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