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Correct use method of automobile safety air bag  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

Correct use method of automobile safety air bag
(1) safety air bag must be used in conjunction with the safety belt.
Safety air bag belongs to passive safety device, only with the use of safety belt, in order to obtain satisfactory safety protection effect, so the driver and the passenger in the car must wear a safety belt.
(2) pay attention to daily check.
Mainly check the collision sensor is fixed, the take iron wire part is clean, connection is reliable, steering wheel rotation is card hysteresis phenomenon, to judge the steering disc SRS spiral cable is intact; when starting the vehicle in particular to observe SRS alarm lamp is automatically extinguished, if connected to the ignition switch 6~8s, it still flashing or long bright quenching, said SRS system failure. During the operation, if the indicator light flashes after 5min long bright, also indicates that the SRS system failure.
(3) to eliminate the failure of the airbag in time, otherwise it will have two serious consequences.
A serious collision occurred when the car needs airbag expansion plays a protective role, it cannot work; another is in the normal operation of the vehicle, the airbag should not work, it suddenly expansion, caused due to the accidental injury to the driver and passengers, and even the occurrence of safety accidents.
(4) avoid high temperature.
Parts of the airbag device should be properly kept, do not let it in a high temperature above 85 degrees Celsius, so as not to cause the airbag mistakenly opened.
(5) to avoid accidental bump and vibration.
Airbag sensors and other parts of the collision and shock is very sensitive, so should try to avoid collisions and shocks, so as not to cause the sudden expansion of the airbag is not necessary.
(6) do not arbitrarily change the airbag system and the surrounding layout.
Can not change the line and components of the system without authorization and change the front part of the bumper and the vehicle. The steering wheel and the passenger side air bag part can not be pasted with any ornament and adhesive strip to prevent the explosion of the air bag.
(7) the passenger seat as far as possible in the back row
Children and short stature passengers should try to sit in the back seat of the vehicle with airbag, because the airbag is not ideal for their protective effect.
(8) the safety air bag system components are kept in strict accordance with the specification.
The safety air bag system has the explosive and explosive materials, such as powder, tube, etc., must be strictly in accordance with the norms of transport, storage, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.


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