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Note the use of antifreeze  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

One: try to use the same brand of antifreeze.
The use of antifreeze of different brands of the metal corrosion inhibitor is not the same, so do not mix different brands of antifreeze. Different types of antifreeze can not be mixed. The main reason is that the role of antifreeze antifreeze, corrosion, rust, it is prepared by the deployment of a variety of chemical additives, different manufacturers of antifreeze formulations vary greatly.
Two: the effective period of antifreeze is more than two years (some of the president of individual products), should be confirmed during the period of the product within the validity period; replacement should be put on the old liquid, clean the cooling system, and then put on the new liquid;
Three: avoid the use of water against the water.
The traditional non - type antifreeze can not be used with water, it will generate precipitation, a serious impact on the normal function of antifreeze.
There are models of antifreeze can be used against water, but the water can not be too much.
Four, the use of the vehicle antifreeze, do not directly add tap water, should be added to distilled water or deionized water, if there is no condition, add cold water than tap water. If the antifreeze fluid loss due to leakage, should be added with the brand antifreeze. The anti icing fluid should use, use tap water in summer is not scientific, but also The loss outweighs the gain..
Fifth, some antifreeze store a year after, there will be a small amount of flocculent precipitate, this phenomenon is mostly caused by additive precipitation, do not have to throw away. If a large number of particles precipitation, it shows that the antifreeze has gone bad, can not be used again.
Six, the choice of antifreeze is another key to ensure safety. The advanced anti freezing liquid has the functions of anti corrosion, anti fouling, anti boiling, anti freezing, anti rust, etc., and can also have good protection to the water tank, and can be used for all seasons. The appearance of high-quality antifreeze should be clear and transparent, and eye-catching color, no odor, and some low-grade antifreeze does not have resistance to freezing and thawing and prevent boil function, some antifreeze, the freezing point and boiling point though qualified, but corrosion, the water tanks and pipes "bite" full of holes, the impact of traffic.
In addition, now, in the sale of antifreeze color points as red, green, and blue, if is to add a small amount of words can use the same color of antifreeze, different colors of antifreeze can mix. Antifreeze in chemical composition is not the same as, mixtures may occur chemical reaction, destruction of the original nature of antifreeze, serious when can lead to water tank corrosion, blockage, leakage of liquid and pump failure etc..



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