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You can mix antifreeze  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19     

Antifreeze can mix? The answer is certainly not. So why not use antifreeze?
Understanding antifreeze
Antifreeze is a special additive containing cooling fluid, mainly used for liquid cooled bosch head rotorengine cooling system and antifreeze with antifreeze in winter, summer, anti boiling, the annual water fouling, anti corrosion and excellent performance. At home and abroad, more than 95% of the use of ethylene glycol based antifreeze, compared with tap water, ethylene glycol is the most obvious characteristics of antifreeze, and water can not be antifreeze. Secondly, the boiling point of ethylene glycol is high, the volatility is small, the viscosity is moderate and the temperature change is small, and the thermal stability is good. Antifreeze role to prevent freezing, to prevent frost crack of cylinder block and radiator just the most basic function of antifreeze, antifreeze and other important functions, such as anti boiling, water fouling and corrosion. Summer use antifreeze can effectively prevent tank "boil" throughout the year using the antifreeze can prevent water cooling system scale, inhibit the corrosion of various metals.
Antifreeze caierdi
Different types of coolant must not be mixed, to avoid chemical reaction, precipitation or air bubbles, because doing so would the rubber seal damage, usually caused by water pump seal and welding seam leakage phenomenon. Therefore, the antifreeze fluid diesel plungersleakage should be added in time after the same brand of antifreeze, if the same brand of antifreeze can be temporarily added distilled water or pure water.



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