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hree parts of the diesel engine maintenance and inspection (DIESELPARTSWORLD)

First, check the technical condition and judgment of Accessories

1, check the technical condition and judgment of plunger
diesel plunger
(1) observation: observe the most serious part of the wear marks, obviously feeling when paddling, should get a new piece with a nail laterally.

(2) empirical method: the clean diesel piston pair, and kit full of diesel fuel, with a finger plunger sleeve into the hole,back to the hole and center hole are blocked Yan, and then pull out the plunger 1 Length / 3 After the relaxation, if immediately go back, indicating that can continue to use; otherwise, you should get a new member.

(3) gauge inspection method: pressure gauge in the pump head connected to the throttle on maximum fuel position, and open decompression shake cars, the plunger deputy at 30 times per minute pump oil, the table Pressure will It must be greater than 19.6 kPa; otherwise, should get a new member.

2, check the technical condition and judgment of Delivery valve
delivery valve
(1) observation: observe the seal ring belt, if the recess and a width of more than 0.5 mm, or vacuum ring noticeable wear grooves, no longer see the original bright surface, should be replaced with new parts.

(2) oil pressure test method: lifted by high-pressure pipeline inspection cylinder, open the fuel pump viewing window to shake the cylinder piston to the bottom dead center, the hand pump oil pump, first rule out oil in the air, after the concept Police pressure tubing joints for leaks occur. If leakage, replace with new parts (this method can not check the decompression zone).

(3) gauge inspection method: This check should be carried out simultaneously with the examination of the plunger pressure. When after stopping the oil pressure gauge pointer stable value equal to 19.6 kPa decreased to 17.65 kPa time needed if small In 15 seconds, indicating a good seal; oil off again immediately after the boost to 24.52 kPa. Note that the hands swing back position, if it is 0.98-6.87 kPa, indicating normal decompression. Only good sealing, square You can see the exact values ​​of the back swing.When the inspection is still malfunction after, remove the valve after cleaning observe wear. If there is no obvious grooves,high pressure copper pad nor wear, usually after cleaning the sealing surfaces of research, appropriate tightening Tight seat to return to normal; otherwise, you should get a new member.

3, check the technical condition and judgment of diesel nozzle
diesel nozzle

This check should be carried out under the oil valve plunger deputy and deputy work properly premise.

(1) vehicle test method: in other parts of the engine are normal, can be coarse nozzle after the first loaded on the train.When the engine is started, and then by "listening to the sound, look exhaust" approach in the car tune test.

(2) Standard glib comparison method: This method is to use a pre-tuned properly prescribed injectors and injector being examined for comparison. First tee with them in parallel with the fuel pump, then The air discharge passage, the throttle on maximum position. Open decompression shake cars, and observe two nozzle spraying condition is consistent, if both injectors simultaneously, or simultaneously stop fuel injection, atomization state Also consistent explanation being examined injector qualified
pencil nozzle

(3) gauge inspection method: using a pressure gauge and tee to be examined in parallel with the fuel pump nozzle, put the throttle on maximum position. Open decompression shake cars pump oil, so that the pressure gauge reaches 9.8 kPa (Combined adjustment regulator spring). Then at a rate of about 10 times per minute to make fuel injection nozzle, this time may not have drip phenomenon. After the work is completed, and then transferred to a predetermined pressure the needle, and then every minute A rate of about 80 times or so atomized test. Droplet should be fine and uniform distribution of the oil beam direction, the cone angle should meet the requirements, the beam should cut oil altogether and have a special crisp sound.After the above checks the fault still, remove the needle, jack, spring cleaning inspection. If indeed due to normal wear and tear is not serious, it should get a new member. Second, to extend the service life of the measure even Couples underlying causes of damage in addition to product quality issues, mainly on improper use of the machine, maintenance is not timely, improperly. Here a few points to extend the service life of even the measures taken Shi, for reference.
pencil nozzle
1, strict implementation of the fuel sediment filter system, filling diesel least 48 hours after precipitation shall be subject to access. Diesel should comply with the provisions of the standard model season. Come tool designed to clean use. Come and keep oil places should be clean to avoid dirt mixed with fuel and accelerate even parts wear and reduce the service life of duality.

2, strict technical maintenance specifications, fuel filter 100 hours, 500 hours of work each tank cleaned once, if found breaking loss effect timely replacement of the filter, it can not be removed

In addition to oil supply and DC. Couples work 500 hours under normal working conditions should be checked once disassembled.When removing the checks to ensure that sites, hands, tools, and cleaning the oil clean to prevent contaminated Couples dye. Shall Luanqiao Cookin When removing operation, cleaning not cluttered, and other non Couples should wash basin together, in order to avoid bumps, bruises. In the assembly are not free to change the assembly position Some purposes the machine does not meet the job requirements. When put on a tight valve seat and nozzle tight cap, should be tightened as to ensure good technical condition injectors and fuel pump assembly after.
cam disk
3, in addition to the above requirements, it must also raise awareness of the couplings, understand the structural characteristics and working principle Couples strengthen and improve the couplings maintenance, operation, when no fault is not done Be adjusted, when maintenance and use not disassemble, repair check not Luanqiao Cookin, cleaning and maintenance chaos rub tinker, adjust the assembly to change chaos chaos twist, everything goes according to standardized technical requirements, in order to achieve To extend its service life.


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