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                  The main structure and working principle of Injection Pump

Diesel injection pump is the most important supply line to another member, its effect on the diesel engine performance and great quality, is called diesel "heart." Its main function: to improve the diesel oil pressure, according to the launch Working order machine, load size, regular quantitative high pressure to the injectors to deliver diesel fuel, and each cylinder oil pressure equalization. Claim:
diesel element
(1) pump oil pressure to ensure that the injection pressure and atomization quality to be,
(2) shall comply with the precise amount of oil needed for the number of diesel engine,
(3) to ensure that the diesel engine by work order, within the prescribed time and accurate supply,
(4) The amount of oil and oil time is adjustable positive, and to ensure uniformity of each cylinder oil,
(5) The oil law should ensure complete combustion of diesel,
(6) the start and end of the fuel supply, agile, off oil altogether, avoid drip. Its main types: Vehicle diesel engine fuel injection pump according to their works can be divided into a plunger-type injection pump, fuel pump -Injector and injection pump rotor allocation categories.

Plunger Piston pump oil agency
diesel element
Plunger and plunger sleeve are a pair of precision coupling, paired grinding are not interchangeable after, requiring high precision and finish and good wear resistance, the radial clearance of 0.002 ~ 0.003mm. Plunger head round Cylindrical chute cut there, and through the radial holes, communicating with the top of the axial hole, its purpose is to change the amount of circulating oil; plunger system have put forward, back hole, both in vivo and low pressure oil chamber on the pump interlinked, the plunger After the pump upper body suit, the application of positioning screw positioning. Plunger head chute different location, change the amount of oil by different methods. The oil valve and the oil valve seat is one pair of precision coupling, paired grinding After not interchangeable, with the gap of 0.01. The oil valve is a one-way valve, the spring pressure, the upper conical valve seat surface and tight fit for its role in stopping when the high-pressure pipeline.The upper end of the cavity and the plunger isolated to prevent the oil from flowing back into the high-pressure tubing inside the fuel pump. The lower part of the valve was cross sections, both driven, but also by diesel fuel. There is a little under the oil valve cone The cylindrical surface, known as decompression zone, its role is at the end of the oil, so that the high-pressure hydraulic tubing declined rapidly, to avoid the spray holes produced drip phenomenon. When seat belts fall within the upper tolerance makes Plot quickly increases, pressure decreases rapidly, Minting quickly.



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