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             Diesel fuel injection pump plunger issuer phenomenon processing method

     When the fuel pump plunger card, will affect the normal work of the governor, easily lead to engine Speed, if treatment is not timely, it will cause a serious accident.
diesel element
Curved plunger

Couples do not pay attention because the plunger deputy during transportation and storage and assembly, causing the plunger slightly bent, issuing work phenomenon occurs, this situation should be replaced.

Plunger touch hair pulled

Since the plunger assembly uncleaned clean, or impurities into the vice between the plunger, do not pay attention when assembling the plunger to touch the hair pulled, causing the plunger issuers. Therefore, the assembly should be carefully installed, do not bruise

The plunger and the plunger deputy Couples clean, preventing contaminants from entering between the plunger deputy.
diesel element
Long sleeve screw

If you forget the plunger sleeve screw long screw mounted or installed washers, will top dead sleeve, the sleeve deviation, resulting in the issuing of the plunger. As screw is too long, it may be appropriate to file short, when loaded screws Do not forget to install the washer.

Pump stand injustice

Since the pump plunger sleeve is installed at the base of the shoulder or uneven dirt, affecting the accuracy of the assembly of the sleeve, so that the pump plunger assembly deflection, resulting in the issuing of the plunger. Check pump uneven approach is to Banxia fuel pump from the body, and open communication with low pressure oil tank switch so that the pump body is full of diesel fuel injection pump and external clean. If found leaking at the wheel, indicating that the pump base uneven, making Into diesel fuel leakage, an old plunger sleeve can be used in the shoulder of the coated abrasive grit, into the pump body, spinning and tapping sleeve after polishing, polished and refitted after checking for leaks .
diesel element
New plunger auxiliary storage time is too long

New piston pair stored for too long, likely to cause loss of oil and an oxidation reaction, the plunger rust, unwashed on assembly, work causing plunger issuer. Should this situation must be put kerosene piston pair or Diesel soak period of time, then turn and ram it repeatedly twitching grinding each other, until the plunger deputy rotating flexible, and carefully assembled before use after cleaning.



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